Bringing together those 

who are living with Fibromyalgia

FibroSupport - Wales

FibroSupport - Wales started off on Facebook in September 2016 where we noticed a major lack of support and advice for Fibromyalgia suffers.

Our Facebook page has gone from strength to strength and currently we have over 2750 members on our 'Closed' Facebook community group . We decided to open this website for people to come and get advice and links to help after diagnosis.

The aims of FibroSupport – Wales are:

• Providing information and connect with those living with Fibromyalgia

• Promoting and raising awareness of Fibromyalgia

• Supporting anyone who is living or learning to live with Fibromyalgia

• Ensuring no one feels alone or isolated

• Providing a non-judgemental environment

• Running Monthly social meets

• Running awareness events during the year

We have many exciting events coming up and lots of fundraising ideas coming your way.

FibroSupport-Wales is here so Fibromyalgia sufferers get heard, we aim to raise awareness and support all.